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Asian Media Access has successfully hosted the “Between the Water and Clouds” Take Two at the the Minneapolis Downtown Peavey Plaza

Hosted by Asian Media Access and Phoenix Chinese Dance Studio, we has successfully presented “Between the Water and Clouds,” Take Two, this Multidisciplinary Dance Drama has illustrated the Chinese philosophy of simple and peaceful lifestyle to support environmental justice.

The Show has interwoven through Chinese Classic/Folk Dances, Chinese Music, Poetry, and integrating into an outdoor place-based Performance to present the artistic excellence of Chinese Arts. This project has successfully trained more than 70+ youth in learning the Chinese Dances, and prepared them to showcase the dance drama at the Minneapolis outdoor Peavy Plaza on June 8th, 2024, and at night from 8-10pm, with more than 500+ audience.

The “Between the Water and Clouds,” Dance Drama has divided into Four Acts, as along with an Opening Ceremony 开场仪式 《敬天》”Worship to the Heaven.” This is a ritual ceremony style of dance supported by all dancers. Not only the dance is breath-taking, but also amazingly seeing it performed by all 3 generations of dancers – paying the true respect to the heaven, nature and human beings.

a) ACT ONE – 空灵之美水云间 * The Ethereal Beauty Between the Water and Clouds………….

山水空灵之美 – 水云间带出令人向往的简单、闲适的意境 * The ethereal beauty of mountains and rivers between the water and clouds bring out a simple and leisurely lifestyle that is longing by everyone.

b) ACT TWO – 思念迢迢如云水* Thinking of You as Long as the Distance between the Water and Clouds……………

雨鄉憂思之美 – 水云间反映出離鄉背井的哀愁, 及戀人間的思念 * The feeling blue in the raining village between the water and clouds reflect the sadness of leaving home and the longing of love ones

c) ACT THREE: 边关辽阔望云水* The War Zone is as Desolate as Remoteness between the Water and Clouds…………..

邊境遼闊之美 – 水云间描繪出江山萬里的家國情仇 * The endless boundaries between the water and clouds depict the hardship and pride of guarding the country’s borders.

d) ACT FOUR: 何处不是水云间* My Heart is as Peaceful as the Void between Water and Clouds………..

禅思治癒之美 – 水云间参悟出心宽簡單的養生之道 * The meditation and healing between the water and clouds enlighten the simple way of mindfulness lifestyle

To close the Show, we circled back to the original vision – how peaceful and simple it can be between the Water and Clouds. Not only this Act reflects the different perspective of Chinese philosophy interpreting the HAPPINESS, and it also indicates the HEALINGS coming from within.

DANCE Finale – “只此青绿The Legend of a Panorama of Mountains and Rivers.” This beautiful Finale “只此青绿The Legend of a Panorama of Mountains and Rivers” utilizes the Chinese water sleeves and traditional cloud symbol dance movements to take our audience wondering between the Water and Clouds, and finally back to the Peavey Plaza to close the show.

Beside the breath-taking show, we have collaborated with Hennepin County’s Climate Change Team, and JADE to host a youth poster exhibition on site to highlight the importance of environmental protection with sustainable growth.

Please enjoy these beautiful photos. Photo Credits: Asian Media Access, and Jijun He.

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