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Who We Are

We believe the multimedia arts and information technology empower all of us with critical thinking and promote good citizenship—especially important as we prepare young people to be tomorrow’s leaders.  Our thought-provoking multimedia education, productions, exhibitions, stage performances, resourceful educational products and youth programs encourage deep reflection, challenge previous assumptions, provide solace, and allow participants to develop their own way of connection in timeless works of creation, communication and community building.

Our Focus

Artistic Vision

By unleashing the creativity of youth through multimedia arts and channeling their risk behaviors and vulnerability into leadership potential, we creates a community-based response to improve cross cultural/generational understanding, challenges stereotypical beliefs and builds a society that values arts to inspire young people’s healthy transition into adulthood, and improve the world around them.

How We Started

History Of Us

Incorporated in August 1992, Asian Media Access, Inc. (AMA) is a comprehensive, multimedia-based, community advocacy agency.  AMA is dedicated to using multimedia arts and technology as tools for social betterment.  AMA recognizes that multimedia and technology are essential for advocacy, communication and education, in order to mobilize communities, and young people; to engage in understanding and communicating of Pan Asian issues; and to arrive at a participatory decision-making process for a safe, supportive environment for all. The AMA is a non-profit organization that holds a 501(c)(3) certification acknowledged by the Internal Revenue Service since July 1993. Learn more below. 

Get To Know Us Better

Over the years, AMA has received awards recognizing its accomplishments:
Asian Pacific Outstanding Contribution Award in the Leadership Category
Best of Minneapolis Award in the Arts Organizations & Information category
Tekne Award Finalist
Best of Minneapolis Award in the Arts Organizations & Information category
Laura Waterman Wittstock Award
Faith and Community Service Initiatives – Best Practices Award
Human Rights Award
Best in Boldly Changing Community Attitudes About Girls – What About U
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