Asian Media Access

Capacity Building

Since 2012, Asian Media Access has expanded our services to support capacity building opportunities for BIPOC communities and mainstream service providers. We have focused on the training of "Bicultural Healthy Living Model" and the "Cultural Intelligence Framework."

Bicultural Healthy Living Model

This model emphasizes integrating practices from both one’s original culture and the adopted culture to promote overall well-being, suggesting that balancing cultural identities can lead to cultural pride, healthier lifestyle choices and improved mental health.

Cultural Intelligence Framework

This framework highlights the importance of understanding and adapting to different cultural contexts. It focuses on developing cognitive, emotional, and behavioral skills that enable individuals to effectively navigate and succeed in diverse cultural environments, as well as through integrating cultures at all service levels – policies, programs, and practices.

Community Safety Training

Coming Soon.

We seek a comprehensive approach to cross-cultural understanding and practices to deepen members’ capacity to proactively integrate diverse cultures into their daily practices. This involves better understanding how culture influences health and mental health through shaping individuals’ beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes towards self-care, diet, physical activity, relationship dynamics, and the perception and management of illness and well-being.

Through these two training programs, we aim to:

Build a foundation to promote well-being, resilience, and community healing through community-based participatory approaches.

Create more equitable access to trauma-informed community behavioral health resources.

Strengthen the integration of cultures into behavioral health services and other community systems to address the social determinants of health, recognizing that factors such as law enforcement practices, transportation, employment, and housing policies, all can contribute to collective health outcomes.

Ensure that program services are culturally specific, responsive, integrated, and developmentally appropriate.

Create community change through community-based, participatory approaches that promote community and youth engagement, leadership development in order to improve cross-cultural understanding and practices.

Cultural Intelligence Framework

May 15th and May 22nd, 2024 HIRED Training Slides:

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