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Upcoming Fall 2023 Youth Discussion

Since 2020, Asian Media Access has hosted multiple youth discussions for ages 15-25. These virtual discussions cover various topics such as gambling prevention, career journey, social media management, mindfulness, and more! An expert guest speaker is invited to present the topic and youth are encouraged to participate in sharing their reflection, thoughts, and personal experiences. At the end of each session, a quiz game, Kahoot, is played to help the youth retain the main points of the topic. 

AMA plans to continue to support these youth discussions coming Fall of 2023, specifically surrounding the topic of Anti-Racism. This topic will include Anti-Asian hate, mental health, wellness, bicultural healthy living, and more.

As Bicultural individuals, many youth may encounter questions like:

Where are you from?

Where is your family from?

Were you born here?

When did you come to this country?

These questions, although seemingly harmless, can make it feel difficult to navigate between two cultures and identity.

Often in the media, there are groups that are under-represented and misrepresented. For instance, when we see an Asian character, there are stereotypes that have negative implications that contribute to youth impression that these are accurate portrayals of their culture. Sometimes this can lead to making the youth feel less than or embarrassed to show their different cultures to fit what they believe is normal and accepted. It is extremely important for youth to see positive representation and especially to see people who look like them in significant roles. These youth discussions provide the space and connection to have the crucial conversations of upbringing, journeys, and overcoming. Being able to interact with leaders in everyday life helps youth feel empowered, see how they are included, and allows them to pivot for future aspirations. It is a chance to instill the message that different cultures matter and to embrace these cultural identities rather than giving up on it.

In the Fall of 2023, the youth discussions will have projects in advocating for awareness and support on each topic. This will encourage youth to have open space to embrace their multiple cultures and reduce the pressure they may feel to abandon a part of who they are. Register here: https://forms.gle/bg21whLK8AwaAf6A6

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