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Inter-generational Community Engagement Project through Multimedia Arts

Asian Media Access has designed a new multimedia arts project to target members not knowing much about Asian immigrants/refugees experience, as well as documenting the Anti-Asian Hate incidents for the future generation to remember this historical moment of dual pandemic for Asian Americans – COVID-19 and Anti-Asian Hate acts. Our project’s artistic goal is to develop a platform through multimedia arts to engage Asian Americans, showcasing their rich cultural traditions and struggles cross generations.

We plan to invite 2 intergenerational teams working with us, through:

a. 5-6 pairs with Chinese American Seniors and Youth to meet regularly to generate stories, which can be immigration stories or folktales, youth will listen, ask questions, and document the conversations, and both seniors and youth will create their own versions of the stories through multimedia arts

b. 5-6 pairs of Hmong American Seniors and Youth to meet regularly to do Hmong Pandau (Paj Ntaub: Textile Techniques of the Hmong), and youth will also support the similar process to create their own version of the stories.


c. Nov – Dec., 2023 – Hosting the Exhibition at the Landmark Center as the “Inter-generational Story-telling” Exhibition to showcase the artistic talents from our youth and seniors as well as sharing our immigrant/refugee stories with society at the large.

FMI: Asian Media Access/Ange Hwang, angehwang@amamedia.org


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