Asian Media Access

Asian Media Access has offered the IT Training through Hennepin County’s Tech Essential

Tech Essentials Program provides expert insights and practical strategies to help small businesses leverage IT tools to advance market share!

Funded by Elevate Hennepin, Asian Media Access will host a series of IT training, to better support Hennepin County residents and small businesses through cohort-based training, focused on:
• enhancing entrepreneur ability to adopt and integrate technology into their business;
• raising awareness of, and identify technology tools that will enhance business delivery; and
• training and supporting business owners in evaluating and integrating technology into their business.

Cohort #1: July – August., 2023 – Digital Marketing
• Cohort #2: Sept. – Dec., 2023 – Web Development
• Cohort #3: Jan – Feb., 2024 – Social Media Management
• Cohort #4: March – April, 2024 – Digital Marketing
• Cohort #5: May – June, 2024 – Social Media Management

BONUS: Participants who complete one of the cohorts shall be eligible for a one-time reimbursement of 75 percent of eligible hardware and software expenses as identified during intake, up to a maximum of $1,500. For example, if a business owner spends $1,000 on hardware, they would be eligible for a reimbursement of $750.

Please sign up through: https://aabrn.org/

• Asian Media Access – jiang.zhu@amamedia.org
• Asian American Business Resiliency Network – John B Yang – Digital Synergy – john@digitalsynergy.ai

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