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Understanding and Stopping “Anti Asian Hate” Series

Preface: Anti-Asian hate is a serious problem that needs to be resolved quickly. Our Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities, families, and individuals have tragically been victims of targeted hate crimes. AAPI communities should not have to worry about safety, safety is a human right. More needs to be done in combating anti-Asian hate so that our communities are safer, this starts with education and communication. With the surge of hate towards AAPI individuals after the Covid-19 pandemic, we can clearly see what issues need to be addressed when it comes to ending hate.

In early 2020 Asian Media Access (AMA) engaged the community by raising awareness on anti-Asian hate and racism. In 2021, AMA taught the youth how to make anti-Asian hate postcards, which were also shared on social media to raise awareness. AMA delivered a poem by Taiwanese poet, Xi Murong which expresses the “sentiment of immigration and displacement.” Later, AMA led the forces with the community for a rally at the Minnesota state capitol to commemorate the victims of the Atlanta Georgia shooting.

Since then, AMA has published an on-going series of “Stop Anti-Asian Hate” educational materials, and joined the 2023 online commemoration of the 40 year anniversary of the Murder of Vincent Chin. On June 1st of 2023 AMA presented the dance drama “Between the Water and Cloud”, this was a Multidisciplinary Arts Showcase which strived to share Chinese culture and arts with an environmental justice message. It is crucial we continually make our voices heard so that change can be made.

In celebrating the new year of 2024, AMA will publicize a series of articles that will highlight issues that need to be discussed, shed light on historical systematic racism, and create an opportunity to share the perspectives of those impacted by anti-Asian hate. As editor of this series “Understanding and Stop the Anti-Asian Hate,” I hope that our works can encourage readers to join forces, embody love, promote and protect culture, and be a vehicle for justice and equity for AAPIs. Let’s stand in solidarity with AAPI communities.

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