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Korean Cookin’ Show with Exclusive Midwest Tour at Children’s Theatre Company from September 12 to October 22

Children’s Theatre Company (CTC) will present the international sensation from South Korea – Cookin’(also known as Nanta 난타), with the Opening Night set on September 16, 2023, 7:00pm, at CTC’s UnitedHealth Group Stage, 2400 ThirdAvenue South Minneapolis MN 55404. With a crazy deadline looming near, four frenzied chefs turn their kitchen into a dynamic, veggies-flying-everywhere performance as Korean samulnori drumming and martial arts take center stage. During this wildly energetic cooking competition, the chefs put on a masterful display of percussive food chopping, knife throwing, pot banging, and fire-blowing wizardry that will make you laugh, scream in delight, and even beg fora chance to sample their food. Get ready to stomp your feet and clap your hands for a show that’s truly Cookin’!

Cookin’ is the longest-running show in South Korea’s history (over 1.48 million people have attended performances), and has performed in more than 60 countries throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. Asian Media Access just led our youth dance delegation coming back from Korean International Junior Arts Festival, when asked for the show, our Korean friend warned us “Yes, that is real food on stage! If you’re seated in the first few rows of the theater, look out for surprise snacks flying your way.” Come to join this energetic, acrobatically amazing, and fun that crossing all cultural lines – Cookin’. Tickets may be purchased online at childrenstheatre.org/cookin or by calling the Ticket Office at 612.874.0400. Ticket prices start at $15.

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