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Big Voting News – Thursday, June 1st, two new election laws going into effect

On June 1st, two new election laws go into effect:

a) People on parole and probation will have their rights restored. People with felony convictions will be eligible to vote as long as they’re not currently in a correction facility serving their felony sentence. Hennepin County’s Voter Outreach and Engagement Director Lydia McComas has shared her excitement, “Restore the Vote” is the largest expansion of voter rights in decades. This expanded eligibility will reduce confusion among voters and election judges, as well as reduce administrative labor. Estimated up to 55,000 Minnesotans, and up to 16,000 Hennepin County residents will have their voting rights restored.

b) Pre-registration for 16- and 17- year-olds will go into effect. These youth will be able to pre-register, their registration will be pending in our registration system and they will automatically be registered once they turn 18. Again, McComas has shared the Hennepin County’s plan, “New voter registration applications will be available 1st week of June with language updated to reflect both of these changes. Hennepin County Elections is excited to help voters exercise their rights and engage with the elections process. Folks can reach out to our office with questions at 612-348-5151 or HC.Vote@Hennepin.us

Asian Media Access is also helping the Hennepin County to share most updated information with our Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. Please feel free to check in with us at info@amamedia.org. Below are AMA youth designed Voter Mobilization postcards.

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