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Juneteenth Celebration at June 19th, 2022

Over the Juneteenth weekend, AMA has sponsored a successful outreach event at North Minneapolis’ West Broadway Block Party. This event focused on Black Economic Development, specifically the creation and sustainability of Black Owned Businesses in MN, and solving socio-economic problems such as police brutality, mental illness, and the decline of home and business ownership.

This Juneteenth event celebrated multiple firsts. It was the first time Juneteenth is being celebrated as a federal holiday — a successful push many in Minneapolis attribute to racial justice efforts following the murder of George Floyd. Secondly, it was the first time it had been celebrated this way in North Minneapolis – several blocks of West Broadway – a key corridor of the Northside – shut down for nearly the entire day to commemorate the event!!!!

Enjoy the Photo Collage showcasing the festivity!!!!

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