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Check out the Blue Line’s Anti-displacement Recommendations Report

In response to concerns of displacement around the planned Blue Line Extension, Hennepin County and the Metropolitan Council launched a first-of-its-kind community oriented anti-displacement initiative.

To lead the initial phases of this work, Hennepin County contracted with the University of Minnesota’s Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) to convene an Anti-Displacement Work Group that centered community voices and brought together diverse stakeholders to study and recommend anti-displacement strategies to help ensure the value of light rail will benefit current corridor residents, and minimize physical, cultural, and economic displacement.

After meeting for more than a year, the work group published their recommendations in May 2023 for public review. The Team continues to lead this work with community to further develop, refine, and advance these recommendations, bring together partners for funding and implementation, and begin exploring more ways to maximize community benefits of light rail for current corridor residents.

Joining the launch of the report, Asian Media Access also has taken the lead and teamed up with area Blue Line Community Engagement Teams (A Mother’s Love. Asian American Business Resilience Networks, Encouraging Leaders, Heritage Park Neighborhood Association, JXTA, Lao Center, NEON, and Pueblos) to host a Blue Line Listen Circle at June 27, 2023. The meeting has focused on the discussion on the West Broadway and 21st Ave. N route options. Many pros and cons of the routes were shared and discussed, and the Metropolitan Council is preparing the final meeting minutes for the community to review.

In the mean time, please read the recommendations report at https://yourblueline.org/anti-displacement

Any comments and suggestions can be emailed to ADWGfeedback@umn.edu



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