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Community Organizing under the way to enhance Sears Site Connectivity

Asian Media Access has been helping the Frogtown/Rondo neighborhoods to improve the Sears Site Connectivity.

Enhancing Urban Connectivity as Ways Encouraging Physical Activities

Street connectivity, as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Active Communities Tool Assessment Modules, is integral to urban planning, influencing transportation, accessibility, and public health. A well-connected network, characterized by numerous short links, intersections, and minimal dead ends, facilitates efficient travel routes, and promotes pedestrian and cyclist safety. Community subdivision regulations mandate that newly constructed or redeveloped streets connect to adjacent neighborhoods and amenities. In residential areas, connectivity is ensured through sidewalks or shared-use paths, while commercial areas require similar provisions. This policy approach underscores a commitment to fostering vibrant, interconnected communities that prioritize pedestrian-friendly environments and encourage physical activities.

Promoting Street Connectivity through Sears Redevelopment
The large, empty Sears parking lot exacerbates connectivity issues, acting as a physical barrier to pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Redeveloping this space offers an opportunity to improve neighborhood connectivity, potentially by creating mixed-use developments with pedestrian-friendly design and amenities. Our project is currently working with the Frogtown and Rondo neighborhoods to develop solutions for this area and enhance connectivity within the neighborhood. We will continue to explore potential options and collaborate with the neighborhoods. Additionally, our project is discussing enhancing internal connectivity to ensure seamless access throughout the site. We aim to effectively reconnect communities and facilitate access to key destinations such as the Western Sculpture Park, State Capitol, Rice Street Corridor, Downtown, and others.

Considering the Transit-Oriented Development
Our project is actively considering the ongoing pursuit of transit-oriented development, closely aligning with community subdivision regulations and zoning codes to enhance connectivity and accessibility. We are exploring options for everyday destinations via multi-use paths or pedestrian/bicycle easements. Additionally, we are in the process of planning how residential developments can connect to neighboring communities and other essential destinations through sidewalks or pathways.

Embracing Sustainable Transportation Beyond Automobiles
Our project will prioritize modes of transportation beyond automobiles, emphasizing walking, biking, and public transportation. We are currently discussing the potential establishment of a pedestrian-friendly community. The goal would be to encourage communities to engage in healthy activities such as outdoor gardening, fitness, walking, and biking. We are actively exploring how to develop sustainable and healthy transportation choices for everyone through the Sears Redevelopment.

To join our Community Organizing and Planning effort, please check with info@amamedia.org or 612-376-7715.

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