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Successfully hosted “Cultural Intelligence Framework” Training

Asian Media Access has successfully hosted two capacity building opportunities of “Cultural Intelligence Framework” for our partners – HIRED, and our national partner – National Network of Public Health Institution (NNPHI).

Cultural Intelligence is an ongoing process of learning and integrating knowledge into practice, relating and working effectively across cultures. It is the ability to see, communicate with, cooperate with, and serve people from all cultural identities with respect, professionalism, integrity, inclusion, and fairness. Building cultural intelligence is a developmental process whereby organizations and individuals continually engage in assessment, learning, redesign, and implementation to better serve different cultural groups.

Please check out our website https://ww1.amamedia.org/capacity-building

Asian Media Access looks for more opportunities to share about “Cultural Intelligence Framework,” please connect with our Executive Director Ange Hwang at angehwang@amamedia.rog

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