Asian Media Access

Connecting with City of Brooklyn Park

With increasing diversity in the City of Brooklyn Park, the City has contracted Asian Media Access to better link with Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs). Over half of City residents are people of color. Nearly a quarter of residents are foreign-born, and more than a quarter speak a language other than English at home.

The 2020 Census indicated that the City of Brooklyn Park had a population of 80.2k people, with below ethnic breakdown: White (40.2%), Black or African American (29.8%), Asian (19.8%), Multi-racial (4.41%), and Hispanic/Latinx (2.59%). White has become the minority in Brooklyn Park, also the 24.2% of residents (19.4k people) were born outside of the United States, which is higher than the national average of 13.5%. In 2019, the percentage of foreign-born citizens in Brooklyn Park, MN was 23%, meaning that the rate has been increasing.

Unfortunately, the City has high racial disparities in poverty rates, educational attainment, home ownership, and unemployment rates. Therefore, Asian Media Access will support the City to:

  • Being culturally intelligent to enhance racial equity;
  •  Addressing economic, education, health and racial inequities; and
  • Including members affected by decisions in the decision making process.

Along with below activities:
• Supporting Stop Anti-Asian Hate activities
• Recruiting Brooklyn Park youth and young adults to join our Multimedia Production Training and Job Readiness Training;
• Working with Brooklyn Park community-based agencies for further referrals;
• Collaborating with many Brooklyn Park Schools to provide after-school activities, especially Park Center Senior High and Prairie Seed Academy; and
• Supporting annual Asian New Year Celebration at the City.

We welcome residents from the City of Brooklyn Park to connect with us. FMI: amamedia@amamedia.org, and 612-376-7715

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