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Collaboration with Trauma Mental Health Responder – Dr. Tracy Wharton

Recent gun violence and hate crimes against Chinese Americans have brought a lot of shock and anger to our community. The suffering is immeasurable with families of those killed and those who survived, and the trauma will have to be managed for years to come.

Fear, anger, and terror take hold when we allow them to flourish in our minds. Words have power. When we speak about what is on our mind, what scares us, what threatens our communities and our families, we take away some of the power that it has over us.

Do you have questions about how to work through complex emotions? Do you want to talk about what happened or what scares you?

Sign up for a time with Dr. Tracy Wharton to use the power of words to talk about the hate crimes and gun violence. Register https://forms.gle/VhGe5U8avxLfxDkcA

a. 45 minute appointments available to individuals, couples, small groups.
February 3rd (Friday) from 3-6pm central time
February 4th (Saturday) from 11-1pm central tie

b. Meetings will be held online in a private protected meeting. You can log in from any device with a video camera.

c. Interpreters available to support those who would be more comfortable speaking in Mandarin, Cantonese, Hmong, Thai, or Vietnamese.

Dr. Tracy Wharton is a mental health responder who understands the resilience needed to respond to gun violence. She was a trauma responder after the Pulse nightclub shooting, the Warwick, Rhode Island, nightclub fire, and after natural disasters with the Red Cross. Dr. Wharton has worked with many immigrant and refugee communities and helped to run a health clinic for migrant farmworkers in Apopka, FL. She served as a visiting professor in aging and cognitive health at Huazhong Agricultural University in Wuhan, China.

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