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RICE provides direct services to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) artists, especially young artists, with counseling, financial literacy workshops and other supportive services, along with a capacity building opportunity through BALL (Bicultural Active Living Lifestyle) web site.

Current Programs

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Community Engagement Projects

Asian Media Access has developed and engaged with BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) families, schools, community agencies; healthcare facilities and law enforcement agencies in order is to increase understanding of various public health issues and mobilize actions to combat system barriers and health disparities 

Curriculum Development

Asian Media Access has successfully developed 2 curriculums, and has hosted nation-wide training for law enforcement officers and Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAAPI) community members with these 2 curriculums:

  • Curriculum 1 – Enhance Your Cultural Competency: Learn about AAPI Communication Styles, targeting police officers to better understand AAPI communication style, to avoid further misconducts.
  • Curriculum 2 – Introduction of Community-Policing Strategies to AAPI Community, targeting Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) community about the issues that may cause law enforcement agencies to get involved in their communities, even if non-intentional violations.  More importantly, it is designed to educate the AAPI community on how to better interact and communicate with law enforcement agencies so the communities are better served, policed, and safer for everyone.

Youth In Charge

Youth In Charge is the blog website that exhibits the products that youth have produced, including videos, photographs, postcards, poems, and other media and written materials on different topics and subjects.  The Site welcomes participation, to critique works; and written comments, in order to inspire constructive dialog of concerned issues and improve understanding across social and geographic borders.

Please refer to www.youthincharge.org web blog and AMA’s YouTube page for more creations.


Asian Media Access is the designated agency to enroll eligible members into Minnesota’s statewide Individual Development Account (IDA) program through Family Assets for Independence in Minnesota (FAIM).   The plan is designed to build assets in the form of home ownership, post-secondary education, and small business ownership.

The way it works is each person will open up a savings account (will be a new account with the Bremer Bank, our partnering bank), and will have to save $960 total in 2 years time, you will then be matched 3 to 1, $2,880 at the completion of your commitment. You can then withdraw a total of $3840 plus interests to a qualified agency (such as: school for tuition, business to buy a car or home mortgage company).  

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