Asian Media Access

Multimedia Education

This division consists of workforce training, after-school and summer programs offered to disadvantaged youth, focusing on digital; multimedia arts and technology application/production.

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Providing harmony to the society

Empowering disadvantaged youth through multimedia arts and information technology as well as increasing BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) representation in the media by highlighting the important role of media and social media in today’s society.  By exposing youth to multimedia and technology, the program encourages them to engage in public dialogues and take on leadership roles in the public sphere for the long-term harmony of the society.  


Designed beyond traditions

The program consists of a variety of training workshops teaching multimedia production skills, web site design, communication skills, leadership skills, analytical and critical thinking skills. 

Needed soft skills and job skills, particularly for young men of color

The bicultural self-esteem through mentorship/apprenticeship

Toward high-growth/high-demand Digital Technology jobs

A cohort model, participants will be supported by peers who are striving toward similar life goals and a cohort of peers entering the workforce at the same time

By diverse partners with capacity for effective and inclusive hiring, training, and retention

Digital Lab for cohort members having a place to get together to inspire each other.

Current Programs

Made efforts to achieve

Have a glance on actively programs that we are regularly providing to the society


Youth Media Force

A group of teens dedicated to utilize multimedia to have their voices heard, who meet every Tue/Thurs night 5:30 – 8:30pm to take on leadership to dramatically increasing media products among disadvantaged youth and fostering collaboration.

Annual Multimedia and Leadership Camp for Disadvantaged Youth

Every Fall, usually mid-late October during MN Conference for Educator weekend, AMA hosts the Multimedia and Leadership Camp for Disadvantaged Youth, targeting youth aged 14 to 19.  This four-day program provides high school students with hands-on training in the areas of Journalistic Writing, Radio and Video Production, and Editing. Students will form groups and collaborate on their final project on an issue of their choice.  Together with the help of the instructors, the youth eventually made use of their newly trained skills by focusing on a topic with which to make a video and photography gallery web site.

Workforce Development

Led by AMA, supported through Multi Cultural Community Alliance (MCCA), our “Let’s Get IT” Initiative and YouthBUILD Minneapolis can improve employment outcomes for African American/Pan African, American Indian, Asian American Pacific Islander, and Latinx young adults,  through:
1) Digital Technology Career Pathway, Summer Internships and IT Job Placement
2)Social-Emotional Skills Development
3)College and Work Readiness 
Activities that address both education and employment to ensure that people of color are college- and career-ready.

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