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Asian Media Access Invites You to IT Job Training
FREE Class offered:

  • IT job training courses are focused on Web and Application Development. Lengths of the classes vary.
  • The class usually meets once or twice per week in the evenings.
  • This training targets all interested parties 16+ years and older. Priority is given to those who are currently unemployed, maybe facing life difficulties, and has a genuine interest in pursuing a career in a Tech or IT related field.

Current Registration Open

CLICK HERE to register for the session, which starts in mid June.

The upcoming course introduces the students to HTML5 & CSS for web development, as well as introduction to developing a WordPress-based site. The course will last 80-hours over 8 weeks, and each student will receive a certification of completion by scoring a cumulative 70% or better on chapter tests, will receive a stipend, and will develop simple web site for actual clients.

The registration form may be showing Multimedia Internship, which was the original course content, but has been shifted because of the resource and staff availabilities. Please go ahead and register; the form content will be updated.

Questions? Email Stephen

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